Is Selling The Best Solution When Going Through Divorce?

Is Selling The Best Solution When Going Through Divorce?

Selling your property is not the only solution when going through a divorce.

While traditionally, real estate agents help with selling a home during a divorce, there are often more complex situations to navigate.  This is where a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert can assist in providing various solutions beyond just a sale.

There is a program that is specifically developed to help attorneys and their clients get through divorces more seamlessly when it comes to real estate. Here are three ways in which we can assist in the divorce process.

1. Education. By providing market data, property valuations (both unseen and full evaluations), and expert testimony, both the clients and attorneys can make informed decisions on whether selling the property is the best option.

"This is where a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert can help provide various solutions beyond just a sale."

2. Resources. This program offers legal descriptions, property profiles, and full deed information to support and strengthen the legal process. We can also give suggestions for complex situations and support for addressing challenges like pending foreclosures, equity buyouts, and creative settlement options.

3. Divorce listings. Handling situations with high emotions, including setting mutual agreements on pricing, managing showing expectations, and preventing sales sabotage for court-ordered sales. We help ensure that both parties follow court orders for proceeds distribution and ensure that everyone receives their entitled share.

If you know anyone going through a divorce or their family law attorney, feel free to share my contact number at 562-316-2915 or send me an email at [email protected].  I’ll be happy to assist you.

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