Do You Know a Cool House With a Story?

Do You Know a Cool House With a Story?

We need your help to find two houses with great stories to film at.

Today we’re asking for your help. Many of you know that we’ve been recently selected to be on the show “American Dream TV.” We’ve filmed three episodes so far, and our last two episodes aired on KDOC, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV, and Roku. If you’d like to watch it, check it out here. Our most recent episode aired on October 3, at 8:30 a.m. on KDOC.

We’re looking for two houses to film in that plan to sell. We need your help finding someplace with a great story or an interesting house that we can share with the public. 

If you know someone who’s thinking about selling their home, and they have a great house or story we can pair with a local restaurant, please let us know. You can reach us at 562-316-2915 or [email protected]. Thank you so much; I look forward to hearing from you.

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