Why Do We Recommend a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Why Do We Recommend a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Here’s how a pre-sale inspection can greatly benefit a home seller.

This past year, we assisted a client who had sold their home but found out during escrow that its entire foundation needed to be replaced. We had no choice but to start all over and completely change our strategy; we did end up selling the property, but at a significantly reduced price, unfortunately. In light of that situation, we’ve become more adamant proponents of the pre-sale property inspection. With this proactive approach, sellers can avoid sale-altering surprises that force them to leave thousands of dollars on the table. The last thing you want is to deal with the headache of having to redirect your course, especially in a competitive market like ours.

“Don’t get nickel-and-dimed in the negotiations under contract.”

Knowledge is power, and a pre-sale inspection allows our sellers to solidify their strong position heading into negotiations. Oftentimes in multiple-offer situations, the buyers will know that they can come back later to potentially renegotiate for a reduced price, credits, repairs, or additional monies. With a pre-sale inspection, we take some of that leverage back; we can hand the buyers a report and basically say, “Here’s everything that’s going on with the property.” It’s not far-fetched to assume that you as the seller could be unaware of serious issues affecting your own home—you likely don’t crawl underneath your house or check behind the drywall on a regular basis. The ability to pre-negotiate all those repairs upfront as opposed to renegotiating them at a later point could potentially save you thousands of dollars. 

Don’t subject yourself to all the back-and-forth rigamarole and irritating nickel-and-diming that comes with negotiating repairs under contract; inspect your property prior to putting it on the market. If you want to take advantage of this strategy or have any questions that pertain to buying or selling real estate, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to go into greater detail about how pre-sale inspections can save you tons of money, mitigate uncertainty, and reduce your stress levels. We look forward to hearing from you.

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