The Purpose of Pre-Sale Inspections

The Purpose of Pre-Sale Inspections

Here’s why home sellers should do a pre-sale inspection before listing.

Before you list your home on the market, you should do a pre-sale inspection. Many home sellers worry that if they find something wrong with their home, it’ll only cost them money to fix it. They feel they might as well have not known about it.

The reality is that any potential buyer will do their own home inspections anyway, so whatever issues are present will be uncovered regardless. It’s generally better to hire an inspector you know and trust on your own terms. That way, you have the opportunity to take care of any issues before the home goes on the market, putting you in a much stronger negotiating position with your buyer.

Ultimately, a pre-sale inspection makes the whole transaction smoother and reduces the chances of a buyer trying to negotiate tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

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